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Wayanad is the classic destination for a trip to God’s own country. Touted as one of the most scenic locations in Kerala, the pristine beauty of Wayanad with its famed climate can make the visits an annual affair. The availability of luxurious serviced apartments in the midst of the breath-taking beauty of Wayanad makes it all the more tempting to ditch other choices. Here are compelling reasons to choose serviced villas and apartments in Wayanad.

Why stay in boring hotels when serviced apartments and villas offer a better experience?

Serviced villas and apartments are undeniable flag bearers of local architecture and designs. They blend naturally with the surroundings in the traditional way. The villas offer a rich experience, which is quite different from a cramped hotel with higher noise levels.

Right in the lap of nature

Serviced villas and apartments are generally located in locales that are resplendent with natural beauty. The best part about such villas is that you can drive up to the villas that come with ample parking space for guests who choose to drive down. Patrons who choose other modes of transportation can avail of pick up and drop facilities offered by some of the reputed villas.

Cosy comfort with amenities

Trips are intended to be enjoyed with utmost comfort. The more reputed villas and serviced apartments come with furniture and amenities that make for a better stay. Guests get to remain connected with free WiFi and LED TVs that come with a bouquet of channels. The beds are the last word in luxury, allowing patrons to sink deep into the comfort of queen sized beds with crisp linen that makes relaxing a lot different.

Wayanad is brimming with camera ready locations, offering sights that are truly spectacular. Dams, misty hills, verdant and luxuriant greenery, museums, the list is nearly endless. With typical Kerala cuisine, famous globally, you really will find it difficult to conclude your stay. The experience in Wayanad can be the most memorable, tempting you to make it an annual affair. Make it happen and experience Wayanad the way it should, with the right choice of a serviced villa.

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