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Author: Shamseena Raphiqe| Saudi Arabia.

South India is a Vibrant, excellent place to visit with your family. Of all the hideouts tucked away in this region, the state of Kerala is the greenest, serenest family getaway. In fact, some of the most popular tourist destinations in India are located in Wayanad district within Kerala province. Most of the tour spots in this area rank very well for if all you want is a memorable excursion in a natural location. In this article, I’m going to highlight the best places to visit in Wayanad with family, borrowing from my own personal experience, and other visitors’ experiences.

Note: booking a hotel apartment or accommodation that’s centrally located in Wayanad can be a tour-helper, specially for a family with kids. This will effectively reduce the commute distance between yourself and the most popular tourist spots. Sultan Bathery (a historical town located in Wayanad) makes an excellent staging point from which you can easily travel to the popular tour hotspots in all of Wayanad. www.levillagio.com

Here’s a tour itinerary of places anyone going to Wayanad with family should put on their list.

Day 1: 7 am – Leave your hotel for Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. Tours at the sanctuary are typically available in shifts (7 am – 10 am), and (3 pm – 5 pm).

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary


Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top places that comes to mind for anyone who has extensively toured Wayanad.

From Sultan Bathery, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is just 13 kilometers (a 16-minute drive) away. The management at this sanctuary has placed great focus on scientific conservation with consideration for the lifestyles of the tribal people who live around the forest region. There are so many elephants in this sanctuary that it was named a Project Elephant site. You can see a herd of elephants, some monkeys here and there, and lots of birds. Occasionally, you can see a tiger.

The vegetation within Muthanga is composed of deciduous forests and evergreen forests that are the norm in this part of India.

Perhaps the most thrilling thing about this wildlife sanctuary is that you get to enjoy a jungle drive, viewing elephants and other wildlife while at it. The Forest Department at Muthanga also organizes elephant rides for individuals who’d like to photograph and witness the large animal in its natural habitat.

Day 1: 10 am – drive back to your hotel for breakfast.

Le Villagio Holiday Apartment

Le Villagio

Day 1: 11 am – leave your hotel apartment for Kuruvadweep, which is about 1 hour 30 minutes (40 kilometers) from Sultan Bathery via the Panamaram – Nadavayal – Beenachi Rd. There is no food or people living on the island so you should carry some snacks or make sure you’ve eaten enough before embarking on this trip.

Also referred to as Kuruvadweep, Kuruva Island is a protected river delta that comprises of a cluster of islands that are populated with dense fauna and flora. The island’s geographical peculiarity gives it a serene ambiance.

The thing that stands out about this place were the attractive bridges made from bamboo trees and the incredible species of rare trees. Around the Kuruva Island area were also diverse species of orchids, birds, herbal plants waiting to be witnessed in this uninhabited island.

Kuruva Island


The rafting here is actually a very enjoyable experience. The Kerala Tourism Department provides boats, and they will take a couple of hours to wade along the islands.

You get to escape from life as you know it and spend some quality time taking in the great views.

To safeguard the eco-tourism, partying and picnicking is prohibited here. But families can take lazy nature walks at Kuruva.

The island is restricted sometimes (such as during the rainy season between June and September), so you should keep that in mind or at least enquire if you’re visiting during this period.

Day 2: 5:30 am – leave your hotel apartment for a trip to Pookode lake located about 44 minutes (37 kilometers) from Sultan Bathery.

Pookode is a beautiful freshwater lake is 40 meters deep and spread over a 40-acre stretch. The calm and peaceful environment makes this one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Wayanad.

There are plenty of monkeys and other wild animals around here. If you’re a photographer or nature lover, you’ll be baffled 😊

Pookkodu Lake

Pookkodu lake

Boating facilities are available nearby so you can venture out into the lake itself. There’s also a freshwater aquarium, shopping center and children’s park located nearby. You can try a local spiced meal and talked to some friendly local chaps while the kids have fun in the children’s play area.

Day 2: 12 pm – take lunch and prep for a drive to the 6th place to visit in Wayanad, Soojippara Water falls. Soojippara is located 30 kilometers away from Pookkodu Lake (60 minutes’ drive) Vythiri-Meppadi road.

Soojippara Water falls is the most impressive waterfall in Wayanad, popular for its great views, and serene environment.

You’ll have to walk a short distance to access Soojippara falls, but it’s totally worth it once you get there.

Soojippara Water Falls


This Waterfalls offers scenic views of some of the best tea estates in Wayanad. The Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is 200 meters (656 feet) and offers a cliff face that is ideal for rock climbing. This presents some form of a spectacular triple-decker effect that has essentially made this a top place to visit for any families in Wayanad.

You can enjoy some time together in the water as a family and take a lot of awesome photos.

Day 2: 4 pm – leave for the 45-kilometer (about 1 hour 25 minutes) drive back to Sultan Bathery. You can try out one of the popular local recipes in your holiday rental or hotel apartment kitchen before embarking on your final day of visit in Wayanad.

Shopping in Wayanad

Sulthan Bathery

Day 3: 8 am – leave your hotel apartment the E3 theme park and, which is about 2 hours from Sultan Bathery via the Panamaram – Nadavayal – Beenachi Rd.

Being the first-ever multi-recreational theme park in South India, the trip to E3 should be a treat for your kids.

E3 Theme Park opens at 9:30 so it’s great to get there by 9 AM.

E3 Theme Park, Wayanad

E3 Theme park

The park is majorly an affair for kids (mostly) and has most of what you might expect to find in any modern kids’ park. There is a Moss Garden, a massive play park for children, and a Magnetic Free Fall. The 12D theater is also quite fascinating.

Day 3: 1 pm  – traveled to Banasura Sagar Dam via the Vythiri Road. Banasura is located just 12 kilometers away from E3 Theme Park(a 30 minutes’ drive).

Banasura Sagar is the biggest earth dam in all of India (and the second biggest in Asia).

Start out with a short trek the dam grounds halfway to the top of a hill and enjoy the majestic views.

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Dam

There are lots of activities around Banasura Sagar dam including horse and jeep riding. You can take a boat rental from the nearby facility and venture out on the water for a while. In a nutshell, all this is an incredible and memorable experience, plus you can take a lot of good photos to cement the memory.


Based on the 3-day itinerary above, your family has enough time to visit the 6 places above. However, if you have more time during your visit to Wayanad, you might also want to try out Chembra Peak, Neelimala, and Chethalayam Falls.

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