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Author: Fasil Abu | Wayanad.

Wayanad is a true trekking paradise, thanks to its hilly geography. The region offers some of the best tranquil trails in all of Kerala. The abundance of hotel apartments in Sultan Bathery, Kalpetta, Pulpally, and other Wayanad towns means you can book your stay closest to your preferred trekking hill. Whether you hike to improve your fitness, challenge yourself, clear your mind, or just surround yourself with breathtaking natural beauty, Wayanad does not disappoint.

Below are our 5 hand-picked best trekking places in Wayanad 2018.

1. Chembra Peak Trek


Chembra Le Villagio

o Trekking distance: 9 km
o Trek time: 3-4 hours
o Timing: Tickets available between 7am and 2 pm
o Best time to trek: September-February
o Difficulty: easy
o Fees: Rs. 500 for a group of up to 10 locals, Rs. 1000 for a group of international tourists

This is arguably the best place to trek in Wayanad. Chembra Peak is located about 8 kilometers to the south of Kalpetta township. The peak is 2,100 meters high and is visible from all parts of Wayanad. Once you climb through the dense forests and grasslands, you get to enjoy the mystic mist at the summit. Chembra Peak is one of the easiest treks in Wayanad and is thus great for beginners.

The trek takes about 4 hours to complete. You’ll need to get permission from the Meppady forest office, which opens all days. Night time activities such as camping are not allowed because there are wild animals in the area.

The Chembra Peak Trek in Wayanad is ideal for couples or a groups of friends. You may take a break at the heart-looking lake en route to the peak. Most people who visit Chembra Peak in Wayanad usually make second or third visits. If you consider yourself to be a hiking buff, Chembra Peak in Wayanad should be at the top of your trekking list.

2. The Pakshipathalam Trek


le villagio to pakshipathalam

o Trekking distance: 16 km
o Trek time: 8 hours
o Timing: 5:30 am – 8 pm
o Best time to trek: August – May
o Difficulty: moderate – enthusiast
o Fees: Rs. 50 for Indians and Rs. 200 for foreign tourists.

Pakshipathalam is a 1740 meters hiking peak located about 7 km to the north east of Thirunelli in Wayanad. The name “Pakshipathalam’ loosely translates to ‘abode of birds’ in the local language. That’s because the hill is home to multiple rare species of birds. In the past, this peak was used as a ground for ancestral rites, which explains why there are many myths and legends associated with it.

You need to get permission from the District Forest Office before your Pakshipathalam trek. The peak is ripe for trekking all year round. It’s 16 kilometers trek offers naturalists and hiking enthusiasts with a rare view at nature. It’ll take you about 8 hours to get to the top and back – not a trek for the faint-hearted. There’s a watchtower about 2 kilometers en route to the peak, from which you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Due to the danger posed by lurking wild animals, night camping is not allowed at Pakshipathalam.

3. The Brahmagiri Peak Trek


Brahmagiri trekking

o Trekking distance: 12 km
o Trek time: 8 hours
o Timing: starts at 9 am up to 6 pm
o Best time to trek: November-February
o Difficulty: easy-medium
o Fees: Rs. 275 per head, Rs. 200 for a guide.

Brahmagiri is one of the best places to trek in Wayanad. It’s located on the boarder of Kodagu (Karnataka) and Wayanad (Kerala).
The Brahmagiri peak is 1608 meters and is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Kerala. There are a lot of wildlife at the top of the Brahmagiri hill so camping at night is not permitted. In addition to various species of birds, it’s not unusual to sight a snakes, deer, wild dogs, leopards, pangolin, and even elephant. The hill also provides mesmerizing views of the surrounding landscape so don’t forget to carry your camera.

The Brahmagiri Peak Trek in Wayanad is fairly easy for anyone who is physically fit. Hikers need to ask for permission at the Thirunelli forest guest house starting at 9 am. No vehicle is allowed into the park after 6 pm.

4. Thusharagiri Trek


Thusharagiri wayanad

o Trekking distance: 10 km
o Trek time: 4-6 hours
o Timing: 8 am – 5 pm
o Best time to trek: September-February
o Difficulty: medium
o Fees: Rs. 30 per person

Thusharagiri attracts droves of trekkers every year. Thusharagiri means ‘snow capped mountains’. Two rivers meet here and diverge into three waterfalls, creating a snowy spray. The Thenpara Fall, which drops 75 meters, is the highest of the 3 falls. You’ll be able to experience all three waterfalls, as well as the origin of the stream, in the course of your Thusharagiri trek.

Thusharagiri’s rugged topography offers an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a challenging trek. The waterfalls, dense forests and gurgling streams make Thusharagiri a spectacular adventure for everyone.

5. Edakkal Caves


Edakkal cave trekking

o Trekking distance: 1.5 km
o Trek time: 45 minutes – 1 hour
o Timing: 9 am – 4 pm
o Best time to trek: all-year
o Difficulty: easy
o Fees: Rs 20 for adults, 10 for children, 40 for foreign tourists, 30 for a camera, and Rs.
150 for taking videos

Located about 14 km from Sulthan Bathery and roughly 28 km from the Kalpetta township, Edakkal Caves is a combination of two natural caves on top of Ambukutty hill. The caves can be accessed via a 1.5 kilometer trek from the bottom (parking area). The trekking path is partially cemented and lined up with shops selling drinks spices, and handicrafts. You get an excellent view of the Wayanad hills from the entrance of one cave so you can take great photos. Inside the caves are ancient paintings dating back to thousands of years. Tour guides from the Archaeological Society of India are available to explain everything. So if you’re into history, the Edakkal caves trek in Wayanad will prove to be a rewarding experience.


Wayanad is one of the most popular tourist districts in India. The region’s stunning views, lush green vegetation and multiple tourist features makes it popular with both local and international tourists. Simply choose a hiking trek that you’re comfortable with, book your stay at Le Villagio Holiday Apartment, and experience the best of Wayanad. Le Villagio offering family homestay in Wayanad with all modern facilities and recreations. The property built like serviced villa, which you get the real home away home experience.

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